Esther hails from a poor family. She was living in an unsecure, uncompleted  house. Because of the scarcity of funds they could not complete the house. Her husband Richard was working as a driver but few years back he met with an accident and his license was ceased by the RTO. After that he started going for daily wage labour work. His earning was meager. It was hardly sufficient to make ends meet. Realizing the pathetic condition of the family the animators selected Esther’s family for Family Development programme.

After Selection:

Esther was motivated by the trainings given and the regular monitoring visits by the animator. She has invested the funds received from SAFP on Tailoring, Motor vending, carpentry and furniture, Mat weaving and mobile canteen. Now she is involved mainly in Mobile canteen during the day and whenever she gets time she does mat weaving and tailoring. All these works are helping her to lead a better life. They are also able to give better education to her children. They have now a safe and secure house with all basic facilities. They have also given a portion of their house for rent. The family gets additional income from this. They have now regular savings in the bank as well as in the SHG. They also have Fixed deposits, health and life insurance policies as social security for their future. At present they are very happy and living a dignified life.

Present Progress:

Esther along with her family expresses her sincere thanks to SMSSS and the benefactors for supporting the family during the difficult situation. It is only because of the support of SAFP through the benefactors they could start tailoring and later on canteen business. Now they have a regular definite source of income. The family gets profit of Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 12000/- per month. Their two children are studying well. Esther’s husband is helping her in the business. Presently this family is in a much better situation than before and they have a better living. This is one of many other families who have gained a new life through Save A Family Plan.

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