Marginalized communities will have greater participation in the process of governance and effectively influence the governance structures in their favour, AND those in leadership positions will be more sensitive, capable, accountable and transparent.


  1. Empowerment of civil society towards promotion of good governance
  2. Promotion of value based and efficient leaders
  3. Creation of model grama panchayaths
  4. Mass awareness on PRI, RTI, MGNREGA, PDS and Government Schemes.


  1. Governament Benefits
  2. Creation of model grama panchayaths
  3. Awarencess on Information Right
  4. Awareness on Civil rights
  5. Elected Grama Panchayat members Training
  6. Creation of model grama panchayaths


  1. As a result of extensive trainings on Right to Information Act, more than 2000 RTI applications have been submitted and have resolved various issues and availed various schemes and facilities like widow pension, old age pension, revolving fund to the SHGs, toilet and housing schemes, drinking water facility, road and bus services etc
  2. The irregularities in around 120 PDS shops have been sorted out by the efforts of SHG women
  3. 16 Grama Panchayaths have been in the process of transforming into model ones
  4. 14 civic for a – ‘Nammoora Nagarika Samithi’ are very active and take initiatives for the development of the communities at the panchayath level
  5. Awareness on the importance of participating in the ward sabha, grama sabha, and social audit has been created among all the women in the SHGs, around 15,000 of them. As a result, there is a steady improvement in the participation of people in the local with due preparation.
  6. Around 1200 women have been trained and encouraged to contest local self governance, out of which 450 SHG women have won at various local self governance bodies such as grama panchayth, taluk panchyath, zilla panchayath and city municipal bodies. At present we have 118 elected women
  7. 1300 women have become the members of various local governance committees such as Vigilance committee, SDMC etc
  8. Awareness on MGNREGA has been imparted to more than 12300 households and as a result at least 40% of them are able to get the work.
  9. 262 SHG children of our SHG women have availed admission to the schools through RTE
  10. 286 SHG women have availed anganawadi facilities as a right.

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