Stree Bandhu is a dream project of SMSSS. This is concept of People’s Bank aims at Sustainable Development of women, their families and their Communities.

Sustainable Development of women, their families and their Communities.


  1. Community Development
  2. Good Governance
  3. Resource Utilization
  4. Community Mobilization
  5. Establishment of “People’s Bank

Community Development, Good Governance, Resource Utilisation, community mobilization etc are some of the major Issues undertaken by Stree Bandhu. Every month they meet to discuss about their Social and Economic Development.


  1. Members have been exercising their rights to get widow pension, senior citizen pension, education scholarship, house/toilet facilities, etc., through Stree Bandhu.
  2. In the last two years around 5000 members have availed government facilities amounting 30.5 million through Stree Bandhu.
  3. Various awareness programs undertaken by Stree Bandhu are Health, HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, women’s Rights, women empowerment etc.
  4. For community welfare various camps such as blood donation, free eye/dental/ general health checkup have been organized.
  5. Common celebrations such as Independence Day, Children’s Day, Environment Day, Women’s Day, and Child labour Day are celebrated by Stree Bandhu.
  6. Stree Bandhu has played prominent role in good governance at rural local self-governance.
  7. Training programmes on effective leadership have helped the members to be good leaders.
  8. More than 500 members of Stree Bandhu have been elected as members in the local self-government.
  9. Another Important milestone in the history of Stree Bandhu is the establishment of “People’s Bank”. It was started on 7 December, 2013 with just 534 members. At present, there are 52 Federations consisting 7000 members from 650 SHGs.
  10. Within just two years, the total capital of the people’s bank amounts to around 20 Million. This capital has been utilized for various developmental works. Around 1800 members have availed the loan facility up to 40 Million. Stree Bandhu has given more than Rs. 4,00,00,000 as loan to more than 1,200 members.



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