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What are we?
Disha is a unit of SMSSS dedicated. Disha operates networking with Karnataka Regional Organization for Social Service (KROSS) and the diocesan social service units, with the purpose of empowering our youth by giving them the technical assistance, motivation and building their capacities. This unit also functions as the centre for planning, information sharing, research and development.

Our Objectives
To promote the youth of the Diocese of Shimoga in to the civil services and key leadership positions of our nation’s governance through competitive exams.
To form the youth of the Diocese of Shimoga as value based leaders in the society who promote and affirm human dignity, gender equality, integrity, accountability, excellence and sustainable development.

Competent, Committed and Effective people are into civil services and other key leadership positions of the Government of our nation.

Creating a desire among the youth of Diocese of Shimoga for excellence and becoming value based leaders.

Empowering the youth of the Diocese of Shimoga to get into governance through various competitive examinations.

Our Priority:
Meritorious Youth and Children of Diocese of Shimoga (3rd Std to PG Students)

Our Approach:
Networking with the various units of the Diocese like parishes, school/college administration, YCS/ICYM, ICDP etc.
Realization of the programme

Collecting the details regarding the interested youth-they will be guided through Disha.

Database: Availing the services of various schools & colleges, YCS/ICYM, ICDP, Christian SHG’s, and Catholic Associations of the parishes. A detailed survey of the youth and children will be there in the database.

Compilation of employment details and other opportunities.

Passing on the Information regarding the availability of employment in the various modes of the diocesan publications & to those who are registered with us.

Passing on the Information regarding the availability of employment in the various modes of the diocesan publications & to those who are registered with us.

Services that one can avail through Disha

  1. Information regarding various scholarships
  2. Information regarding various Govt. programmes for higher education
  3. Career Advancement Programmes & Camps
  4. Conducting regular quizzes & essay competitions in view of improving the mental ability skills, general knowledge of the youth and children
  5. Sharing of the information through the resource bank
  6. Intensive residential coaching for civil service examinations in collaboration with KROSS

Selection Process for the programme

Students aged between 9 to 30 who have secured above 65% marks in individual subjects

Graduate in any discipline from recognized Universities (for UPSC exams)

Having a desire to serve the nation

Those who exhibit high level of motivation and self confidence

Please join your hands with us to form the young ones to be the agents of social transformation.




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