Chaitanya, Shimoga, July 21, 2020:  The Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society organized an orientation for the staff on the importance of organic farming, methods of farming, and the benefits of organic farming on 30 June 2020. The resource person for the day was Ms Deepa N, a MSc in Agriculture graduate. She briefed the staff on the goal and objectives of organic farming and the importance of promoting organic agriculture. Various aspects like methods to increase the production and the quality of products by optimizing the use of natural resources and avoiding the use of chemical products such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides were discussed at length. Everyone should aim for obtaining organic food with more natural, nutritious and better taste.

A second orientation was organized on 21 July 2020 for 41 staff of the organisation on various methods of implementing organic farming and its benefits. The resource person of the day, Mr Chandrashekhar DM, a retired Agriculture Officer of Shimoga, complimented the organization for the initiative on organic farming. He elaborated on the need to choose production protocol to suit the existing agro-ecological situation and resource base of the area by adding science based expertise to traditional farming knowledge of the farmers. He stressed upon the use of bio-pesticides, bio-composting, bio-fertilizers and vermi-composting. He spoke about various nutrients available in soil and water, nutrient deficiency symptoms and soil sampling. Later on during the day Mr Mahesh KV, a progressive farmer shared his ideas and experiences on organic farming. He explained about the benefits of organic farming and also highlighted the different types of organic manures such as compost, green manures, vermicompost and different methods of composting. An interaction session was held to discuss organic farming related issues and get certain solutions. Mr Jagadeesha, Programme Coordinator thanked the staff for their active participation and requested them to initiate organic farming in the project area by imparting the knowledge they have gained to the interested farmers.

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