Chaitanya, Shimoga, December 01, 2019: The delegates from Manos Unidas, Ms Ana Luna and Elena Fernández de Valderrama visited Shimoga on 01 December 2019. They reached Chaitanya on 30 November 2019. On 01 December 2019 morning they visited 5 Grama Panchayats of Hosanagara, namely, Chikka Jeni, M. Guddekoppa, Melina Besige, Mumbaru and Sonale and interacted with the farmers of the project area.

The farmers accorded them a traditional welcome. In the afternoon Ms Ana Luna and Elena Fernández de Valderrama had an interaction with the project staff and evaluated the progress. The farmers expressed their deepest sentiments of gratitude to Manos Unidas for their support. The delegates were happy to see the progress the farmers have made because of the intervention of SMSSS through the support of Manos Unidas.

In the evening a short felicitation programme was organised. During the programme the director of SMSSS, Fr Clifford Roshan Pinto honoured the delegates and noted that Manos Unidas has been a generous supporter to the diocese of Shimoga and to SMSSS and it is because of their support several poor and marginal people have seen the brighter days of their lives. He wished them every success in all their undertakings.  Ms Ana Luna expressed that the relationship between Manos Unidas and the diocese of Shimoga & SMSSS is of several years. With the support of Manos Unidas several development projects have been implemented in and around Shimoga. She thanked everyone for successfully implementing the projects and also for the warm welcome accorded to them. It was a day of joy and a feeling of gratitude for the beneficiaries as well as the staff of SMSSS to spend valuable time with the delegates.

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