Nagara, Hosanagar, July 17, 2019: The PDO of Nagara Grama Panchayat, Mr Vishwanath  gave an awareness to the representatives of the Streebandhu Federation, Kable, Nagara was on the various benefits available from Grama Panchayat. During the meeting the members also submitted a request for a site and a suitable place to conduct the meetings of the federation. The PDO assured the members that the request will be placed for discussion. He also requested the participants to actively participate in the Grama Sabha/ Ward Sabha. Mr Vincent D'Mello the Coordinator and Mrs Rajeshwari, the animator also participated in the programme. 33 members benefitted from the awareness programme decided to participate in the Grama Sabha and Ward Sabha and also apply for the benefits from the Grama Panchayat.      

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