Deepa, Sindhu and Navodaya SHGs of Ganjenahalli Streebandhu Federation of Ganganakote Grama Panchayat:

Gandhi said, “In a country like India women are part and parcel of the vast Indian society. They should be alerted with proper education and also they should be entrusted with all sorts of jobs as per their physical ability.”

The MGNREGA is providing legal guarantee to work for all the disadvantaged sections of the society. This programme plays a vital role for the upliftment of women in the rural areas.

In a land where there is little or no opportunity for employment and where agriculture depends merely on monsoon, poverty could be seen everywhere at Ganganakote Grama Panchayat. Lack of irrigation facility was a major problem for the cultivators of this area which led to low productive single crop cultivation and concurrent large scale migration. In order to increase employment, which would give rise to production and income, SMSSS took the initiative to educate the families on MGNREGA by providing training to the SHG members to avail the benefits from the scheme. The members learnt about the process and benefits of the scheme.

With the effect of the training members of Deepa, Sindhu and Navodaya SHGs of Ganjenahalli Streebandhu Federation of Ganganakote Grama Panchayat, Nyamathi Taluk, Davanagere District 52 members submitted Form No. 6 on 04 August 2018 for work to Grama Panchayat. They were engaged in public works such as irrigation infrastructure, road construction and Lake dredging for 39 days and received Rupees 3,14,426/-as wages without any hassle.

The work that was taken up by these SHG members was remarkable. Eventually their standard of living has improved.

Impact of the scheme:

  1. Increase in income: One of the main aims of MGNREGA is to increase the participation of women in household income-generation. It has created a greater degree of economic independence among women. This scheme has empowered women workers to be more confident about their roles as contributors to family expenditure and their work decisions, and that they are also becoming more assertive about their space in the public sphere.
  2. Lesser Indebtedness: MGNREGA has helped these members to reduce the burden of debt on the family. It also helped them to keep themselves away from the clutches of local moneylenders.
  3. Enriching Literacy: MGNREGA has helped them to improve the education standards of their children.
  4. Improved Healthcare: Through the earnings from this scheme the health condition of the family has improved.
  5. Community-Level Effects: Women’s participation at the local governance process has increased after the implementation of MGNREGA. These women workers attend the gram Sabha meetings. This development enhances Community level empowerment of women and it is one of the great achievement.

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