Mrs Shobha w/o Mr Sureshappa is a resident of Nimbegondi Matthikote Gram Panchayat, Shikaripura  taluk, Shimoga district. She says, "I was a daily wage earner and with much difficulty I along with my husband's little income was maintaining my family. I have 2 children. It was very difficult to meet the basic need of the family. Five years back the animator from the Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society (SMSSS) visited our village and briefed us about the concept of self help group (SHG). We formed a group consisting of 13 members for the purpose of enabling members to obtain socio economic benefits out of mutual savings and named it as Jyothi SHG.  Every month I was saving in the SHG and I obtained loan from SHG and bought a cow and started earning by selling milk."


"I attended the training on vermicompost given in the SHG meeting and learned to prepare vermicompost. I constructed vermicompost pit through the support of SMSSS and agriculture department and started to prepare vermicompost. Later I started cultivating organic vegetables using only vermicompost and jeevamrutha for cultivation. Now I am using organic manure. The organic products are sold for higher rate and my family income has increased. By selling vermicompost I bought two more cows, started rearing rabbits, this way I expanded my business."


"To be honest, the journey towards this achievement and subsequently towards receiving award was very long and difficult. Right from the moment when I conceived the idea of organic farming I have put in a lot of work. Transforming the idea into a reality required a good deal of efforts overcoming various challenges that came on the way. I was always supported by the staff of SMSSS who stood by me during hardships. I am thankful to SMSSS, my organization for the trust and faith in me. This was the constant energy boost for me."


"The entire journey was a learning experience for me and with this success I am fully energized and charged up to take up new challenges in life which would benefit my organization and also the environment."