April 15, 2019: Training on Methods and Models of Social Work was held at Chaitanya on 15 April 2019. Most Rev. Dr Francis Serrao SJ, the Bishop of the Diocese of Shimoga and the President of the Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society called upon the entire staff of SMSSS and the participants from Nirmala Seva Kendra, Shimoga, Nirmala Seva Kendra, Old Town Bhadravathi and Karuna Seva Kendra, New Town Bhadravathi to evaluate the existing methods and models of Social Work and to think for a new way of reaching out to all beneficiaries. The day's training began with a reflection on perception and reality and how both perception and reality change the mindset of the people. A social worker should strive to change the thinking pattern of the people. Social action, social movement are very much essential. Society changes when there is a change in the thinking pattern of the people.

He further threw light upon the characteristics every social worker should posses and briefed out the features of a best Social Service Centre. The best model of social work was explained in detail. The eventful day's training ended at 5.30 pm. The training was an eye opener for all the participants to introspect their own work and see the changes one needs to bring in to make his/her work more effective.


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