Environment Day.

Shimoga : 28 June, 2018: “Beat Plastic Pollution” as the theme for the year 2018 world environment day. On this occasion Director of SMSSS addressed the Chaitanya Federation members to preserve and promote the nature for generations to come through continuation of “Swach Abhiyana” and each one planting sapling and taking care of its growth............Read More

Taluk Federation.

Shimoga : 28 June, 2018: WEP Taluk Federation meet was conducted on 28/06/2018. The Director of SMSSS Fr. Clifford Roshan Pinto addressed the gathering in his inaugural speech he called upon the women not to remain in the SHG level rather to come out and become realistic leaders and also to identify each leader in the group......Read More

EAP programme.

Shimoga : 13 June, 2018: Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP) was organized at Chaitanya SMSSS for the trainees of Beautician. Rev.Fr. Clifford Roshan Pinto Director of SMSSS clearly explained about the objective of this training and motivated each one to choose the entrepreneurship as a career and to develop the market opportunities for own business..................Read More

Convocation and Award of certificates for garment making.

Shimoga : 9 June, 2018: Valedictory function and distribution of certificates to the 37 trainees of garment making was held at Kalmane. Rev.Fr. Clifford Roshan Pinto Director of SMSSS insisted the trainees to benefit from the training and make their life a successful one.................Read More

We celebrated Environmental day on 5.6.2018.

Shimoga : 5 June, 2018: Yuva Spandana – Summer Thrill -2018 celebrated Environmental day on 5.6.2018 at Chaitanya, SMSSS, Shimoga. Rev. Sr. Milagrin from Mysore was the resource person. She spoke to the CSP students regarding the importance of this day and what a healthy environment means to mankind and its future...............Read More

Farewell to previous Director and Welcome to the new Director.

Shimoga : 29 May, 2018: We bid farewell to Rev Fr. Richard Pais Director of SMSSS on 29th of May 2018, at Chaitanya SMSSS. The President of SMSSS and Bishop of Shimoga Diocese Rt. Rev Dr Francis Serrao SJ appreciated the service being rendered to the organisation by Fr.Richard Pais and wished him all the success for the future endeavors. Rev Fr. Clifford Roshan Pinto was welcomed to the post of the Director of SMSSS. ............Read More

Convocation and Award of certificates for Beautician.

Shimoga : 28 May, 2018: Fr. Richard Pais, the Director of SMSSS called upon the women to make best use of the beautician skill they have gained and to come up in life. He was speaking at the Convocation and Award of certificates to the successful students who had undergone a six month beautician course conducted by SMSSS in Shimoga...........Read More

EDP programme.

Shimoga : 22 May, 2018: Entrepreneur Development Programme (EDP) was organized at Kalmane for the trainees garment making. 37 Trainees participated in the training and were motivated to take up self employment. ..........Read More

International women's day was celebrated at Hiriyur.

Shimoga : 15 April, 2018: International women's day was celebrated at Hiriyur by Streebandhu federation on 15th April. The programme was inaugurated by Fr. Richard Pais director of SMSSS. The speaker for the day Ms.Thaimudhamma Hiriyur CDPO urged women to make the girl child to believe in herself and encourage her to boost her self confidence. The best practising Self Help Groups were honoured. Women partook in variety of cultural programmes..........Read More

Visit of Sr. Evelyn and Sr. Michelle

Shimoga : 16 April, 2018: As part of external evaluation of the women empowerment program Sr. Evelyn and sr Michelle visited Chaitanya on 16th of April 2018. The three days visit will include interaction with various stake holders and study the impact of the women empowerment program. We wish them every nest.........Read More

Orientation training on Skill Net Company

Shimoga : 09 April, 2018: Orientation training on Skill Net Company was held at SMSSS in collaboration with FVTRS Bangalore on 09/04/2018. The FVTRS state coordinator Mr. Jimmy Mathew briefed about the concept of Skill Net Company. 128 self employed women from our SHG's participated and learned about the importance and benefits from Skill Net Company........Read More

Women's Day at Holaluru.

Shimoga : 29 March, 2018: International women's day celebrated at Holaluru in Shimoga by streebandhu federation of holaluru on 29th March. The best practicing Stree bandhu swasahaaya sanghas and women achievers were honoured........................Read More

ನೆರಟೊರು ಒಕ್ಕೂಟದ ಮಹಿಳಾ ದಿನಾಚರಣೆ ಕಾರ್ಯಕ್ರಮ.

Shimoga : 28 March, 2018: 12 Stree bandhu swasahaaya sanghas of neraturu federation celebrated international women's day on 28th March. Mrs swapna g. R. An advocate enlightened on women's rights........................Read More

International women's day celebrated by Nyamthi n ganjenahalli streebandhu okkuta.

Shimoga : 27 March, 2018: International women's day celebrated by Nyamthi n ganjenahalli streebandhu okkuta on 27th March.......................Read More

International women's day at Melina Kuruvalli

Shimoga : 27 March, 2018: 26 Stree bandhu swasahaaya sanghas of Melina Kuruvalli federation celebrated international women's day on 27th March.......................Read More

Women day at Nagara.

Shimoga : 25 March, 2018: International women's day celebrated at Nagara by streebandhu okkuta of kable and Nagara on 25th March. The best practicing swasahaaya sanghas were honoured.......................Read More

Womens day at Keladi, Sagara.

Shimoga : 25 March, 2018: The streebandhu federation of Keladi celebrated international women's day on 25th March........................Read More

Closing of mgnega work at melinakuruvalli

Shimoga : 23 March, 2018: 24 members of udyoga katri kelasagarara sangha, melinakuruvalli, Thirthahalli completed the work worth rs 2,45,000 on 17th March under mgnega work.......................Read More

Mattikote streebandhu okkuta celebrate women day

Shimoga : 23 March, 2018: The streebandhu federation of Mattikote celebrated international women's day on 23rd March. Meritorious student children of the members were facilitated.......................Read More

International women's day at hosagoddankoppa, Shikaripura

Shimoga : 23 March, 2018: 134 women of streebandhu okkuta, hosagoddankoppa celebrated women's day on 23rd March. Medical check up for women members was organized on this occasion......................Read More

International women's day at koduru, Hosanagara

Shimoga : 22 March, 2018: The streebandhu federation of koduru celebrated international women's day on 22nd March 2018. It was Inagurated by Mrs Precilla, the president of Stree bandhu souharda sahakari.....................Read More

International women's day celebrated at Devangi

Shimoga : 22 March, 2018: International women's day celebrated at Devangi, Thirthahalli on 22nd March. 250 women members of streebandhu okkuta of Devangi participated......................Read More

100 days Work under mgrega begins at abbalagere village, shimoga

Shimoga : 21 March, 2018: 100 days Work under mgrega begins at abbalagere village, shimoga.....................Read More

International women's day at nelavagilu, Shikarpura taluk

Shimoga : 21 March, 2018: Children of the members of streebandhuokkuta who have achieved were honoured at the celebration on 21st March. Some SHGs were honoured for conducting meeting well.....................Read More

Hodala streebandhu okkuta celebrate women day

Shimoga : 20 March, 2018: 16 Stree bandhu swasahaaya sanghas of Hodala streebandhu federation celebrated international women's day on 20th March 2018....................Read More

Women day celebrated at M Gudekoppa, Hosanagara.

Shimoga : 20 March, 2018: From 26 streebandhu swasahaaya sanghas 300 women members gathered to celebrate international women's day on 20th March. Press for progress was the theme of the day....................Read More

Sthree Bandhu federations were gathered at Bhadravathi on 17 . 03. 2018

Shimoga : 18 March, 2018: 260 women members of Bhadravathi, Karehalli n Mavinakere Sthree Bandhu federations were gathered at Bhadravathi on 17 . 03. 2018 to celebrate international women's day. The speaker for the day Ms. Suhasini Shetty urged women to be united for the good cause n face the challenges to bring forth positive changes in the society. Women participated in various cultural activities....................Read More

International women's day celebrated at Jog

Shimoga : 18 March, 2018: The jogadasiri community hall at Jog witnessed women's day celebrated on 18th March 2018, Sunday. Prizes were given for winners of various events. The office bearers were facilitated on the vocation...................Read More

Women's Day at Davanagere

Shimoga : 17 March, 2018: Streebandhu federation of Davangere celebrated International women's day on 17th March 2018. Mrs Aminabanu spoke on women's rights. The new representative of SHGS were facilitated..................Read More

International women's day at Jeni, hosanaga.

Shimoga : 15 March, 2018: Jeni streebandhu federation of smsss celebrated women's day on 15 March 2018. Would. Women were asked to know their rights n claim entitlements for progress..................Read More

Women day celebrated at Thirthahalli

Shimoga : 15 March, 2018: 16 streebandhu swasahaaya sanghas of thirthalli celebrated women's day on 15 march 2018. Senior women members of the shg n meritorious children of shg members were facilitated..................Read More

Taluk level women federation inaugurated.

Shimoga : 14 March, 2018: On 14th March 2018, taluk level women federation inaugurated at ayanur, Shimoga by rev. Fr Sabastine Fernandez, the director of kross, Bangalore. This federation consists of 13 streebandhu federations that are under women empowerment program. Along with this program international women's day celebrated. Mrs Isabella Xavier was the speaker of the day.................Read More

International women's day celebrated at Harogoppa.

Shimoga : 13 March, 2018: 250 women members of Harogoppa streebandhu federation gathered at Koralahalli on 13.03.2018 to celebrate international women's day. The message of the day was given by Mrs Puttamma, junior health inspector. She urged woman to play an constructive role in building families................Read More

Women's day celebration at Kotegangur in Shimoga.

Shimoga : 12 March, 2018: 15 streebandhu sanghas of kotegangur streebandhu federation celebrated international women's day today, 12.03.2018. On this occasion they facilitated two meritorious students. The women members also submitted petition to grama panchayat for community hall...............Read More

Women's Day celebration at sonale in Hosanagar.

Shimoga : 11 March, 2018: International women's day celebrated at sonale on 11th March 18. Smt anjali ashwin , speaker of the day urged woman to play a positive role in building families. One streebandhu sangha was honoured for conducting business well..............Read More

Women's Day celebration at Hannali,

Shimoga : 10 March, 2018: The streebandhu federation of honnali celebrate international women's day today on 10, march. The member of assembly, taluk panchayat president, former member of assembly were present. Women were asked to know the privileges of law n gather strength to fight against attrocities.............Read More

Women day celebrated by smsss Shimoga city federations.

Shimoga : 9 March, 2018: Eight streebandhu federations of smsss joined stree dourjanya virodi okkuta to celebrate international womens day on 09 March. As part of celebration awareness March in the streets of Shimoga was organized. Several Women leaders including Mrs Flavia Agnes from Mumbai adresed the gathering.............Read More

Streebandhu Women participated n awareness program.

Shimoga : 8 March, 2018: In view of women day March 08,2018 the members from Shimoga smsss federations participated in the awareness program at gopi circle in Shimoga. This activity was organized by the federation of women against women attrocities. Smsss federations participated to bring awareness in the public............Read More

Mgnega workers union in Unasodu .

Shimoga : 6 March, 2018: 23rd udyoga katri kelasagarara sangha inaugurated at hunasodu on 06 March 2018. Training was organized by smsss to the members of shg members. The pdo officer explained the scheme in details...........Read More

Women day celebration at sagara, Shimoga.

Shimoga : 4 March, 2018: On 04th March, Sunday at St Joseph hall, women day celebrated by the streebandhu federation of sugar which is promoted by smsss . The lead message of the day was by an eminent advocate smt Jaya Srinivas, she exhorted women to have the knowledge of laws. She introduced a few important laws affecting women n their lives................Read More

Visit of SAFP evaluation team to smsss

Shimoga : 28 February, 2018: Mr Joseph and Mrs Jansi, visited smsss for an external evaluation from 26th February to 28th February 2018. They visited beneficiary families to assess the impact. The staff interviewed for analysing performance of the organization...............Read More

Mgnega workers union at Jayanagara grama panchayat Hosanagara.

Shimoga : 26 February, 2018: Mgnega workers union at Jayanagara grama panchayat Hosanagara..............Read More

Inauguration of mgnega kelasagarara sangha at Jeni, Hosanagara.

Shimoga : 26 February, 2018: Inauguration of mgnega kelasagarara sangha at Jeni, Hosanagara..............Read More

Mgnrega kelasagarara sangha inauguration at Sonale GP Hossnagara.

Shimoga : 26 February, 2018: Mgnrega kelasagarara sangha inauguration at Sonale GP Hossnagara. Mandarti and sridurga are the two unions of workers inaugurated at sonale in Hosanagar Taluk..............Read More

Inauguration of mgnega workers union at Harnali.

Shimoga : 26 February, 2018: Mgnrega workers group inaugurated at Harnahalli on 23rd Feb 18 under streebandhu SHG federation of Harnahalli Sri Shanthi was inaugurated, the member of TP, President of GP and members were present at training was conducted by GP staff..............Read More

Inaugural function of Micro Insurance Bima Gram Scheme.

Shimoga : 15 February, 2018: Drinking Water facility with overhead Sintex Tank and Motor to Government Primary School, Hasodi Farm, Shivamogga District amounts to Rs.35,000.00 today @ 15.02.2018, 11.00 am in presence of Father Richard Pias, Director, SMSSS, Chaithanya and Streebandhu VSSN, Shivamogga..............Read More

Inauguration of mgnrega labours union at Devangi.

Shimoga : 15 February, 2018: Another Udyoga katri kelasagarara sangha inaugurated at Devangi in thirthahalli taluk on 15.02.2018. It is aimed at providing 100 days work to the village community. The objective has been to create assets to village n involve the community in the development process..............Read More

Certificates given to Mobile service trainees at Shikaripura.

Shimoga : 10 February, 2018: SMSSS and FVTRS colabration of mobile repair training has given to 20 students. Today we are here for the certificate distribution program our director of our SMSSS Rev. Fr. Richard Pais distributed certificate to students.............Read More

Mgnrega workers groups VB inaugurated.

Shimoga : 09 February, 2018: Mgnrega workers groups VB inaugurated at kumsi on 9th Feb 2018, under streebandhu shg federation of kumsi, spoorthi and durgadevi two groups was inaugurated the member of tp, president of gp and members were present, at the training was conducted by assistant director mgnrega Mr. Venu and PDO sir.............Read More

Mgnrega workers union inaugurated at nelavagilu on 7th Feb 18.

Shimoga : 07 February, 2018: Under stree bandhu federation of nelavagilu, three kaatri udyogarara 4sangha was inauguted. the president of taluk panchayat, members of Grama n PDo were present at the meeting.training was conducted by PDo sir............Read More

Inauguration of Udyoga katri kelasagarara sangha at sugur, shimoga.

Shimoga : 06 February, 2018: Yet another mgnrega labours union was set off at sugur under stree Bandhu swasahaaya sanghagala okkuta holaluru. The Grama Panchayat president and other guests from taluka Panchayat, Grama Panchayat were present. Technical officer of Shimoga n PDo conducted the training regarding the scheme...........Read More

Inauguration of mgnrega workers union in chilur Grama Panchayat.

Shimoga : 29 January, 2018: Yet another union of mgnrega labours inagurated today on 29th Jan 2018. Three hundred people gathered to witness the event. The President of Zilla Panchayat n taluk Panchayat n members were present. PDo of the Grama Panchayat conducted Training on the features of the scheme..........Read More

Diocesan Level Disha Exam Held at Chaitanya.

Shimoga : 21 January, 2018: 37 children participated in the Disha Quiz under career advancement programme on 21st Sunday January 2018 at Chaitanya. This exam being conducted in three phases ( parish, Deanery and Diocese) for preparing children to develop an aptitude towards competitive exams. Mr William D'Souza, the principal of Hoysala College conducted session on the need of preparing for the career advancement. Msgr Felix Norohna gave away the prizes to the achievers. ..........Read More

Visit of Sampada, Ududpi to Chaitanya -SMSSS.

Shimoga : 17 January, 2018: The director of Sampada, Udupi diocesan social work centre and three women leaders from women federations visited on 18th January 2018. They had session on the development and the history of the Streebandhu souhrda cooperative promoted by the SMSSS. they visited the office of the Streebandhu souhrda cooperative and interacted with the presisdent and the staff. ..........Read More

Inauguration of kaatri kelasagarara sangha at harogoppa.

Shimoga : 13 January, 2018: On 13th Jan three unions of mgnrega workers inaugurated at horogoppa in shikaripura taluka. These unions will ensure that the beneficiary will get 100 days work. The inauguration done by the director of Chaitanya smsss, fr Richard pais. Training to the participants was conducted by mr Vincent D'Mello. The members from Grama Panchayat were present and discussed about the implementation of the program..........Read More

Streebandhu Souharda Cooperative.

Shimoga : 7 January, 2018: We are very happy to share with you the good news that 'Streebandhu Souharda Cooperative' has been awarded as 'Shivamogga District Level Best Souharda Cooperative' by Karnataka State Souharda Federation Limited in a program held at Sarkari Noukarara Bhavan, Shimoga on 07 January 2018.........Read More

SMSSS Staff Training.

Shimoga : 5 January, 2018: Training was organised for SMSSS staff on 5th Jan 2018 at our center regarding commitment towards vision and mission of the organisation an Result Based Management. Fr.Richard Director of SMSSS delivered key note on adaptation of various approaches of NGO's down the years to fulfill the needs of the beneficiaries.........Read More

Sneha koota, chrismas get-together.

Shimoga : 30 December, 2017: Sneha koota, chrismas get-together for the unnati scholarship students organised at Chaitanya on 30th December 2017. During the program 19 students who successfully did repayment of loan scholarship were fecilitated. And mr Ronald, one of the unnati beneficiaries was honoured as he has come forward to sponsor a child for education under icdp program........Read More

Raitha Samavesha.

Shimoga : 20 December, 2017: The Taluk level farmers conference held at Hosanagara on 20th Dec at Rangamandira. 750 farmers from 5 federation of the framers SHG of 5 grama panchayats of Hosanagara gathered for the programme. It was inaugurated by Sri K T Gangadhar president of Karnataka Farmers Association.......Read More


Shimoga : 17 December, 2017: On 17 December 2017, the Education & Development department of SMSSS arranged one-day Orientation Camp for all the 10th standard students who are the sponsorship beneficiaries of Integrated Child Development Programme from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. 45 students who are going to appear for the board exams of ......Read More

Felicitation of distinction students of 10th & II PUC.

Shimoga : 17 December, 2017: In order to encourage the students to study hard with determination and dedication and pursue success in their future, SMSSS maintains the tradition of honoring studious children. So, on the same day, along with the Orientation Camp, 5 students that had passed the 10th standard board exams ......Read More

Garments making training inauguration at kalmane.

Shimoga : 29 November, 2017: With the support of fvtrs, the Smsss has initiated trainings in many trades for the employement opportunity of dropout s. One such is garment makkng.....Read More

Training of Lmv driving inaugurated at hosnagar.

Shimoga : 28 November, 2017: 40 school dropout youth were enrolled to Lmv driving training at hosanagara. This programme supported by fvtrs has the objectives of making the dropout youth employable.......Read More

Inauguration of udyoga katri kelasagarara sangha.

Shimoga : 25 November, 2017: Fr Richard Pais, Shimogga: Chaitanya social work centre, also known as Smsss today inaugurated third union of mnrega workers at ninmbeegondi, shikaripura taluk. Through the union the marginal poor woman are given awareness as to get the benefits of this scheme........Read More

Giving away certificate to trainees.

Shimoga : 24 November, 2017: Giving away certificate to trainees.
33 beautician trainees received completion certificate From the director of Chaitanya, Smsss, Fr Richard pais. Nine months training for the unemployed, dropout youth of Shimoga is organised by Smsss in collaboration with fvtrs, banglore. .......
Read More

Inauguration of udyoga katri kelasagarara sangha.

Shimoga : 20 November, 2017: People are provided employment Under social security act of 2005 popularly known as mnrega. but because of lack of awareness it's not being used properly. Smsss has taken up this cause n forming unions of mnreg labours to create awareness n to make claims......Read More

SMSSS awarded for working with the 10th dropouts

Shimoga : 16 November, 2017: At an average of 45 admissions the most marginal unemployed youth are given an opportunity to do employment by Smsss From seven years . The opportunity for employment is provided Also by training in different trades like beautician tailoring driving home appliances etc. ....Read More

Shimoga Blind Walk

Shimoga : 16 October, 2017: Deputy Commissioner Shri Lokesh flagged off the BlindWalk program in Shimoga from the DC office which was conducted to express solidarity with the blind people as part of World Sight Day celebration. About 200 people walked blindfold led by blind people as part of the World Sight Day program conducted in Shimoga by Chaitanya Social Multipurpose Social Service Society. ....Read More

56th Streebandhu Federation inaugurated at Yadajigalemane, Sagar

Sagar: 22 September, 2017: The 56th Streebandhu federation was inaugurated today at Yadajigalemane near Sagar. Br Sunil Fernandes, the assistant director of SMSSS inaugurated the federation and highlighted about the importance of women empowerment through Streebandhu federations. ....Read More

Awareness program on Communicable and Non Communicable diseases at Harnalli, Shimoga

Shimoga: 16 September, 2017: "We must be aware of the various sources from where both Communicable and non communicable diseases arise", said Mrs Gopamma , PHC health inspectior of Harnalli. Around 40 women benefited from the same. Br Sunil, the assistant director of SMSSS.....Read More

Farmers' exposure visit to ODP Mysore

Shimoga: 13 September, 2017: 20 of our farmers from Hosanagara area were taken for an exposure visit to ODP Mysore on 13 Sept 2017. Mr Ramesh, the Coordinator for NRM in ODP briefed about the Farmers Produceers Company (FPC).   .....Read More

4th Anniversary of Sthreebandhu Sahakari held on 09th Sept 2017

Shimoga: 9 September, 2017: Kuvempu Rangamandira was packed with 1400 representatives of the Sthreebandhu V.S. Sahakari. It was the 4th anniversary of the Sahakaari, inuagurated by Brahma Kumari, Anusuya Matha.    .....Read More

Twenty Eighth AGBM of SMSSS at Chaitanya

Shimoga: 6 September, 2017: On September 06, 2017, the 28th Annual General Body Meeting of SMSSS was held at Chaitanya. The meeting was presided by the President of the SMSSS, Rt. DR. Francis Serroa S.J. the Bishop of Shimoga.    .....Read More

Medical Camp at Hanagere

Shimoga: 30 August, 2017: In collaboration with the Department of Health Govermnt of Karnataka and the Ganeshotsava Samithi medical camp was held on 30th of August 17 at Kalkoppa of Hanagere grama for the residents of the village. Dr. Patil was the resource person  .....Read More

Exposure cum study visit of the College students:

Shimoga: 25 August, 2017: 38 students from Rajagiri College of Social Works, Kerala visited SMSSS for study exposure on 25 August 2017. They had their annual study visit. They were briefed about the Organization and its functioning, management structure etc  .....Read More

Water conservation

Shimoga: 1 August, 2017: Water conservation is the need of the hour said Dr sripati while speaking to the staff of Smsss on 1st August 17. He insisted that water has to be preserved by every community for the future generations. .....Read More

Skill Net Training held at Chaitanya

Shimoga: 21 July, 2017: “Most of us are skilled at one or the other area but as long as we don’t use these skills to make our living we cannot be called as skilled people”, said Mr Jimmy Mathew the Program executive of skill net India at the training program held at Chaitanya.  ...Read More

Farewell and Welcome Program held at Chaitanya

Shimoga: 20 May, 2017: Rev Fr Veeresh V. Moras who spearheaded SMSSS for the last 11 years was bid farewell on 20th of May 2017, at Chaitanya. The President of SMSSS Most Rev Dr Francis Serrao, who was the chief guest on this occasion remembered and praised the tireless ...Read More

55th Streebandhu federation inaugurated at chilur,near honnali.

Shimoga: 17 July 2017: On17th July 12 shgs formed into a federation and became shareholders of Streebandhu souharda sahakari. inauguration done by the President of Zilla Panchayat of Davangere. leaders from taluk and Grama Panchayat also witnessed the event....Read More

Officials of Karnataka State Souharda Federation Visit 'Streebandhu'

Shimoga: 15 May 2017: It was a proud moment for Streebandhu Multipurpose Souharda Cooperative Limited when it witnessed the visit of the officials of Karnataka State Souharda Federation led by its Managing Director. 'Streebandhu' is one of the unique models in Karnataka committed towards ...Read More

'Yuvaspandana - Summer Thrill'

17 April 2017, Harihar: Education is the foundation for the good future, said, Mr H S Shivashankar, MLA, Harihar inaugurating five day long 'Yuvaspandana - Summer Thrill' program organied for the all the students from 8th standard to post graduation at world famous Our Lady of Health Shrine, Harihar. ...Read More

LIC awards Streebandhu

Shimoga: April 07, 2017: Streebandhu Multipurpose Souharda Cooperative Ltd enters Elite Club of LIC as it has achieved Gold Club Category by promoting 3246 Micro Insurance (Hosa Bhagya Lakshmi) policies among its members within a record time of six months. ...Read More

Womens day celebrated at Shikaripura

Shikaripura : 25 march 2017: Taluk Level International Women's Day Celebration was held at Shikaripura on 25.03.2017 jointly organised by SMSSS and Streebandhu Federations. The children of SHG women who have excelled both in studies and sports at national and international level were felicitated.  ...Read More

'Ambekar Jnanadarshana Abhiyana' state level workshop

Shimoga: 18 March 2017: Awareness about Dr Ambedkar and his writings should be created among the people in general and the younger generation in particular, said Shri Kimmane Ratnakar after inaugurating state level workshop - 'Ambekar Jnanadarshana . ...Read More

Womens day - Shimoga Rural

Shimoga: March 14 2017: Women are the harbingers of change, said Sharada Pooryanaik, MLA, Shivamogga Rural, addressing thousands of women gathered to celebrate International Women's day at Ayanuru, Shimoga. Shri Prasanna Kumar, MLC, Shivamogga, many Zilla Panchayath  ...Read More

Womens day at Shimoga city level

Shimoga: 09 March 2017: Women should come out of their comfort zone and achieve empowerment, said Muddu Thirthahalli. She was addressing the huge gathering of women at Kuvempu Ranga Mandir to celebrate International Women's Day organised by Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society  ...Read More

Inauguration and blessing of new constructions at SMSSS

Shimoga: March 08, 2017: Mother Theresa is the hope of humanity who calls every human being to live in harmony, said Shri Guru Basava Swamiji of Virakth Matt of Pandomatti, Chennagiri. He was speaking after inaugurating Mother Theresa Auditorium at Chaitanya campus in Shimoga.  ...Read More

Third Anniversary Celebrations of Sthreebandhu

Shimoga: 27 January, 2017: The women should get themselves organized so that they achieve social empowerment along with economic empowerment, said Mr K B Prasanna Kumar after inaugurating the third anniversary celebrations of Sthreebandhu Souharda Cooperative, ...Read More

Distribution of Solar Lanterns

Hosanagara, Shivamogga : 14 September 2016: The small and marginal farmers should get united and emerge as an very vibrant and active organization in order to influence the people in the Governance so that they bring farmer friendly policies, said Mr Eragi Umesh, member, Taluk Panchayath ...Read More

Training on Micro Insurance

Shimoga: 02 August 2016: Micro Insurance is of supreme importance for protecting poor lives against accidents, threats and other types of risks, Said Mr Pradeep Kumar, Manager, Micro Insurance, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Shivamogga. He was speaking at the workshop ...Read More

First Anniversary Day Celebration and AGM of Sagar Sthreebandhu Federation

Sagar, 28 August 2016: If there is a will there is a way, hard work and commitment ensures success, said Fr Venus Praveen Colaco, the Parish Priest of St Joseph’s Church, Sagar. He was addressing the gathering at the First Anniversary day celebrations and the AGM of Sagar Stribandhu Federation ...Read More

Canal Breach Floods Houses. SMSSS in collaboration with Caritas India plunges into action:

Shimoga: 27 July 2016: More than 200 houses in New Mandli, Old Mandli, Kurubarapalya and Iliyas Nagar in Shimoga town of Karnataka  are flooded owing to a breach in the embankment ...Read More

Chairman of Caritas India visits Ujjivana project

Shimoga: 22 July 2016: People should own their own development, said Rt Rev Dr Lumen Monteiro, Chairman of Caritas India. He was speaking during his maiden visit to the Project-‘Ujjivana’ supported by Cariatas India, at Genjenahalli village, Honnali Taluk of Davanagere District on 22 July 2016. ...Read More

NIOS Graduation Day

Shimoga: 14 July 2016: There are no boundaries whatsoever for those who wish to be successful in life, said Mr N Ramesh, President, Shivamogga Urban Development Authority(SUDA) and President, Priyadarishini Educational Instititutions, Shivamogga. He was speaking after distributing the certificates ...Read More

Medha Patkar honored with Chaithanyashri award from SMSSS

Shimoga: 17 December 2015: The process of planning and execution of mega development projects being followed in India is not consistent with the principles of democracy, social activist Medha Patkar has said . ...Read More


Shimoga: November 06, 2015: SKILL NET KARNATAKA’ program was held on 5th November 2015 at two deferent places in Shivmogga namely, . ...Read More

Monthly Staff meeting

Shimoga: November 01, 2015: Two days Monthly Staff Meeting was arranged on 30 and 31 of October 2015 at Chaitanya. All the staffs were present . ...Read More

Stree Bandhu Annual General Body Meeting

Shimoga: September 29, 2015: STREE BHANDH CO-OPERATIVE’ Annual General body meeting was held on September 29, 2015 at Chaitanya. ...Read More

A workshop for Gram Panchayath Members

Shimoga: July 13, 2015: B. Ramu, Chief Executive Officer of Shivamogga Zilla Panchyat, on Wednesday July 12, 2015 called upon the newly . ...Read More

SMSSS Silver Jubilee Programs

Shimoga: March 10, 2015: Prior to the Concluding function on 09 March 2015, SMSSS celebrated its silver jubilee at three levels throughout the jubilee ...Read More

SMSSS celebrates its Silver Jubilee

Shimoga: March 10, 2015: Shri Veerabhadra Chennamalla Swamiji of Nidumamidi Mutt has called upon the people to be wary of reactionary . ...Read More

Inauguaration of "SAHODAYA"

Shimoga: January 19, 2015: "The youth should dream big, work hard to achieve this dream and success will be theirs", said Mr. J R Lobo, the MLA of ...Read More

Dialogue with Journalists and Felicitation

Shimoga: December 19, 2014: "Journalists should cooperate with the administration. Journalists play a very vital role in the community development and ...Read More

Organized Beautician Course

Shimoga: November 05, 2014: Shimoga MLA Sri Prasanna Kumar called upon the women to make best use of the beautician skill they have ..Read More

Blood Donation Camp Organized

Shimoga: November 05, 2014: A voluntary blood donation camp was organized by Streebandhu SHG federation of Shimoga as a part of Silver Jubilee Read More

Distribution of Identity Card Program

Shimoga: June 05, 2014: Assembly Speaker Kagodu Thimmappa sad, there is no point having Unorganized Sector Workers Social Security ..Read More

Inaugurating the International Women’s Day

Shimoga: March 09, 2014: Shimoga rural MLA Smt. Sharada Pooryanaik called upon the rural women to empower themselves through making the ..Read More

Government Schemes awareness

Shimoga: January 17, 2014:The President of Construction Laborers N Ramesh said that the Government Schemes won’t reach the deserving poor ..Read More

Rights Based Actions Result

Shimoga: January 14, 2014:Rights based actions result in sustainable development in the rural communities.  It is a process of sustainable ...Read More

Inauguration of Silver Jubilee & the Sthree Bandhu

Shimoga: December 28, 2013: Speaker of Legislative Assembly Kagodu Timmappa stressed on the need to create awareness among rural ..Read More

A seminar on Media Awareness

Shimoga: January 26, 2013: A half days seminar was arranged to all the DISHA Volunteers at Chaitanya on January 20, 2013. The resource ..Read More

Diocesan Level DISHA Quiz

Shimoga: January 21, 2013: On 20th of January 2013, we had Diocesan Level Quiz competition at Chaitanya. .Read More

Deanery Level DISHA Quiz Competition

Shimoga: November 11, 2012: Deanery level DISHA Quiz competition was held on 11 November 2012 . It was held at four ..Read More

Career Advancement Programme

Shimoga: October 17, 2012: A days seminar was organized for all the 10th and PUC students on 16th of October,2012.. .Read More

Parish level Quiz Competition Level I held

Shimoga: September 16, 2012:A parish level quiz competition was held throughout the diocese of Shimoga on 16th of September 2012 . The quiz was ..Read More

Distribution of Saplings to the SHG members

Shimoga: September 14, 2012: As part of the Ecological Concerns, SMSSS is been striving very hard to bring about the ecological changes in the region. ..Read More

Training on Community Development

Shimoga: September 12, 2012: Community Development Course (CDC) was organized for the SMSSS new staff. The CDC participants are ...Read More

Orientation Programme to the DISHA

Shimoga: August 21, 2012: Orientation Camp 2012 for ICDP Beneficiary Children studying in 10th grade was conducted at Chaitanya ..Read More

Regional level Promotion of Skill Training

Shimoga: July 07, 2012: Orientation Camp 2012 for ICDP Beneficiary Children studying in 10th grade was conducted at Chaitanya ..Read More

SMSSS office Staff visit Tour to Hyderbad

Shimoga: June 09, 2012:n excursion to Hyderabad was organized by the Mangement of SMSSS for all the office Coordinators ..Read More

Annual Action plan programme 2011-12

Shimoga: March 12, 2012:Annual Action plan programme was organized in SMSSS on 11March, 2012. The programmes of this year are planned ..Read More

KASAPS HIV Mainstreaming Trainings

Shimoga: February 08, 2012:The Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society  in collaboration with Karnataka State AIDS Prevention .Read More

How to face the board Exams ???

Shimoga: January 13, 2012: Orientation Camp 2012 for ICDP Beneficiary Children studying in 10th grade was conducted at Chaitanya ..Read More

Kodachadri Vaibhava 2012

Shimoga: January 12, 2012: Sneha Koota meeting of all the beneficiaries of Unnathi Loan Scholarship was held on 26th December at ...Read More

Monthly Staff Meeting January 2012

Shimoga: January 02, 2012: Monthly Staff Meeting of the Staff of SMSSS was arranged on 2st January 2012 at Chaitanya. All the staff were . ...Read More

Sneha Koota - Unnathi Loan Scholarship

Shimoga: December 26, 2011: Sneha Koota meeting of all the beneficiaries of Unnathi Loan Scholarship was held on 26th December at ...Read More

Christmas Celebration with the Staff

Shimoga: December 23, 2011: Christmas celebration 2011 at SMSSS began on 23rd December 2011. The Chapel, Main hall, Office Rooms . ...Read More

Christmas Celebration with the Officials

Shimoga: December 22, 2011: The diocesan level Christmas celebration with the Officials of various departments of the Govt. various banks, ...Read More

Handing Houses to the Flood Victims

Shimoga: December 20, 2011: Shri Ranghaya , Additional DC , Shimoga, handed over the keys of the newly constructed houses to the beneficiaries ...Read More

Workshop on "How to prepare for KAS exam"

Shimoga: December 11, 2011: Disha –Career Advancement cell of SMSSS had organized a workshop/Seminar on “How to prepare for ..Read More

Caritas India-Golden Jubilee

Shimoga: November 23, 2011: The Diocesan Level Golden Jubilee Celebration of CARITAS INDIA at its abode. . ..Read More

Launched SMSSS Website

Shimoga: October 14, 2011: On 14th October 2011, SMSSS crossed another milestone by launching its . ..Read More

Entrepreneurial Development Training
Shimoga: June 16, 2011:Fr Roman from SMSSS conducted a training programme on Entrepreneurial Development to ..Read More
Skill Developmental Training

Shimoga: June 01, 2011: Skill Developmental training inaguration at Canara bank premisis on  June ....Read More